What would you do if you saw a freezing child? Well Johannes was purposely left alone at a bus stop, in Oslo, Norway and hidden camera were set up to capture natural reactions and actions of people. Be it old or young, let each action be an inspiration to everyone to help at any given time. The film is made to raise awareness of the situation for children in Syria, and to raise funds to SOS Children’s Villages is their winter-campaign. Children in Syria are freezing and you can help by dontating. Donate here    

Smoking Kid

Reminder note from a kid.

Sad that I only discovered this recently. Called by many “the best anti-smoking ad ever!” this campaign filmed children walking up to adult smokers, asking them for a light. Yes, I absolutely agree this is the best, hand down by far the best. Touches you right on the spot as you begin to watch this video. Every adult took the opportunity to remind the children that smoking was bad and rattled off the health consequences. The children replied, “If it’s so bad, why are you smoking?” before handing them an anti-smoking leaflet.      

Artistic Loving Dad

Scary holloween

Japanese kids have surprise bento’s for lunch, these kids of an artistic dad from Massachusetts. A dedicated and loving dad to draw on each lunch bag he packs for his sons, since 2008. Inspirations to all loving dad’s. Check some out below:     Artist: Loving Daddy Weblink: D Laferriere        

Ring Clock

Futuristic Designs

Personally rings appeal more to me than watches. Thankfully The Ring Clock concept came about. This concept was designed without the slightest inhibition to exist in the future. Its futuristic appeal & simple functionality, it might become a reality sooner than you think! 144 ultra-thin mono-color LEDs are contrasted against surgical stainless steel. When you are looking for the time, just spin the ring to activate the blue & orange LEDs.     Read more at Yanko’s Article Story courtesy of Yanko Design.

Bruce Lee Cards


  Absolutely love this playing cards. Inspirational figure and hero to most of us, Bruce Lee playing cards! Need I say more?  

25 Nov – SRDC Trade

251113-a300e 1122

Gracefully using SRDC A300e compass to pin point this entry. Thankfully my take profit was hit within the next 2 hours securing me a 1122 pips profit. Pair: GOLD Date: 25/11/13 Method: A300e Profit: 1122 pips

20 Nov – SRDC Trade

201113-a300e 745 pips

Take profit was set with the very powerful SRDC A300e compass. All indications are green for this trade, I am glad that I know compass before hand. Pair: GOLD Date: 20/11/13 Method: SRDC A300e Profit: 725 pips

18 Nov – SRDC Trade

181113-200pip manual close

Trading late and when you are sleepy isn’t advised. Hence I decided to close my trade manually with a profit of 200 pips. Pair: GOLD Date: 18/11/13 Method: SRDC A300e Profit: 200 pips

11 Nov – SRDC Trade

111113-manual close

Simple A300e set-up used here. Being thankful for getting 323 pips despite the this pair dropping another 1,000 pips. Pair: GOLD Profit: 323 pips Method: A300e Pair: GOLD

SRDC October Final Trades

oct151013 - cutloss

  Final week started with a cut loss. Greedy human nature in action. Profiting this trade at first but choose not to close the trade. In the end cutting loss at –2,408 as per my set-up permits. Big lesson yet again.   Pair: GOLD Loss: -2408 pips Date: 15 oct 13       Next day profit with a cautious exit at 231 pips profit. No more being greedy anymore. Pair: GOLD Profit: 231 pips Date: 16 oct 13



Superb way to promote exercise and Olympics 2014 by installing a special vending machine that accepts only SQUATS! Squat 30 times then ride the subway for FREE! The vending machine does not accept cheating, there are camera’s to captures your movements. Be inspired to exercise today!     Video by Olympic Changes (Russia)  

The Battle We Didn’t Choose

Effects of Meds

“I found her.”, was the first words that went through the photographer, Angelo Merendino when he met Jennifer. Unexpectedly, five months later Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. Angelo remembered the exact moment, Jen’s voice and the number feeling that envoloped me. That feeling has never felt. He also never forget how they looked into each other’s eyes and held each other’s hands. “We are together, we’ll be ok.” as quoted from his story. Throughout Jen’s battle, Angelo decided to photograph every moment. Quote from Angelo, “My photographs show this daily life. They humanize the face of cancer, on the face of my wife. They show the challenge, difficulty, fear, sadness and […]

SRDC Trades – 3rd Week of OCT

Made a loss for this 3rd week of October ’13. No time to cry over spilled milk especially when the trading floor is open. Continue the plan during trading days then evaluate during weekends.       pair: GOLD/USD  

When My Baby Dreams


Life changing hobby to dreams to fame. Adele Enersen, the infatuated mom that started photographing her baby’s dreams then blogging about them only to avoid emailing her friends and family over 100 baby pictures a day. Just after 2 months, her blog was swamped with over two million visitors all wanting to see Mila, daughter turn star model of Adele Enersen’s blog and her first illustrated book, When My Baby Dreams. Moms, be inspired to turn your hobbys or dreams into famous reality.   Book Creator: Adele Enersen Pictures from When My Baby Dreams

Submarine Emerges in City Center


Breaking news from Milan, a submarine has emerged in the city center from beneath the sidewalk of Milan’s Piazza Mercanti. This massive wreckage has kept many pedestrians surprised and baffled. Unlucky for the SMART car, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, is apparently caught up in the chaos damaging the car severely.   Luckily for the city of Milan, this is just a marketing scheme by an advertising agency by an insurance group based in Italy as part of their ‘Protect Your Life” campaign. Inspiring idea for an advert as always. Catch the news coverage video here ;


Simon Hennessey Paintings

As I landed on his website, I thought to myself, this is yet another close up photographer. I was dead wrong! Focus closely then I saw “painting gallery”, NO WAY! Such realistic paintings, an amazing work of art. Check out his gallery, sorry PAINTING GALLERY. He has set a huge inspirations to most painters around the world, he is also featured on newspaper as his art is being classified as “HYPER REALISM” Painter: Simon Hennessey Credits to Simon Hennessey, picture taken from him.  

Art On Wheels


Busy as we are today and everyday, we rarely stand still to catch a breath and enjoy nature with the beauty it displays. Changes starts with an motivational artist to deliver his art to busy people in New York. A delivery truck converted into a mobile garden moving about in the day then parking at different spots every night. Inspiration to others to create a masterpiece of art.     Full story:

October Trade – A300e

Two trades, 1,000 pips a day done.

Totally forgot to post on my trade journal. Of course all is good so far, here is the profit for the beginning of October… Pair: GOLD (XAU/USD) Pips Profit: 1,183 Entry: A300 & A300e Date: 9th Oct 2013


Batdad in action!

I do imagine how would it be like when a superhero like Batman, have…KIDS !.!.! Well one Dad had his imagination set into reality with his entertaining act as “BatDad”. Inspiring dads all over the world with a different yet entertaining approach to educate your kids.



Every minute all day long many cliche post on instagram. Either a selfie or food then there is collages of before and after, her and him, food and her being cute. We are followers of many celebs, local and international, needless to say their post are mostly the same as others. Ever wondered about…..SUPERHEROES? Well…..I did…… Counting down from 5. Thor : Collage of home   4. Superman: Earth from space    3. Batman: Showing off his Ride!   2. Iron Man or Tony Stark: Hanging out on the couch….with IRON MAN suite on!     For the Win, we have the professional photographer… 1. Spiderman: Cliche selfie picture which only […]